Dorado Oaks

Roundabout Option 1 & 2: First option removes the Carpenters building (Circa 1878) and the Second options removes Deb’s Frosty. Emergency vehicles, large vehicles, trucks with trailers, and inexperienced drivers will be challenged with this option.

The look and feel of historic Diamond Springs will be changed forever!

Here is the second option for traffic mitigation, two new traffic lights in downtown Diamond Springs. The first one will be at the intersection of China Garden R. and 49. The second one will be at the intersection of Silver Dr. / Faith Ln. and Hwy 49.

With this option we will have a total of 4 traffic lights in a 1/2 mile stretch of Hwy 49 / Main St. Good luck during the traffic peak hours in downtown Diamond Springs.

Current Status of Project

  • Public comments for draft EIR closed on 11/17/2021
  • We have been waiting on the developer to provide mitigation responses to public comments
  • Planning Commission will be the next in the process once the mitigation is complete
    • Public will be able to provide addition feedback on EIR issues
    • Keep in mind the the Planning Commission is only interested in facts, not opinions
    • If the Planning Commission approves, it will then go to the Board of Supervisors
  • Final Step: Board of Supervisors
    • This will be our chance to express facts and opinions on the pros and cons of the project
    • We will need all hands on deck for this meeting so the BOS can understand our feelings on this project.